Malik Azka 2nd Birthday

Can’t believe my little baby had just turning two year-old! Seems like it was just yesterday  I have him in my arms, so tiny and fragile. Now, look at him! He’s jumping, running, climbing, all by himself…! Alhamdulillah for the greatest gift Ya Rabb. Nothing makes me (as a mother) more grateful than having a healthy, active, curious, cooperative, good-looking, and smart child like Azka. Me, harus lebih banyak bersyukur…

< 1 week old
1 y.o

A little story from his birthday last week,

At the day of his birthday, which is May 7th, I felt kinda guilty because I didn’t pay much attention to him. I was too busy with the home-chores and preparing the last stuffs for Nako #2. But I tried to make him not crying that day (usually he cried 2 times a day when I push him to: brush his teeth and take a nap/ night sleep OR when I forbid him to not do what he wished to do). So that day I let him: eat what he wants, watch what he wants -with considerable amount of times-, play what he wants, read what he wants,…… and _________ -what he wants.

I also did a little surprise for him. I put a “Happy Birthday” banner in our dining room, bought some balloons of his favorite characters, and give a little gift to him; Trucks books. Nothing fancy about all of that, but he was very happy and surprised when see all of these things… -which makes me and Papa Ara happy. Especially the books, that since that day he never wanted to be apart from them (most of the times he sleeps by holding them).

Happy Birthday Kiddo! You are 2 y.o now!

Not really happy that day 😦

About his birthday party,

For months before Azka turns 2 years old, I had been planning to make a special birthday party for him. I was thinking to throw a little party at Ocean Explorium (where I volunteer myself at as a front desk every Saturday for the past 6 months) with some of his playgroup friends. This place has been his favorite place all the time because of the ray and shark touch tank, as well as the small room of Discovery Bay which Azka loves very much because of the little sand box. And I want to make it special because this might be his last birthday to be celebrated alone, ‘coz next year’s (and so on) birthdays most likely he will shared with his little brother (or sister) –  they will be just one month apart and I’d like the idea of making one birthday for them.

But considering all the budget constraints (yeah, right) and the intimate of the party…. I change my mind and decided to throw a little party at home and celebrate it in not a party-like scene (more like just small gathering) with our (new) Indonesian friends – instead of his playgroup friends which not that close. Huee.

It was a beautiful day, everyone that was invited came along from New York, Providence, Boston, Newton, and Storrs. Azka seemed like enjoying his new friends and company that day – at first he was a little shocked when found out that our apartment was fulfill with strangers. But after a while, he had a great time -as well as myself and Ara. I hope that everybody had a great time with foods, chit-chat, and a little walk at the downtown New Bedford and Fort Taber.

Thank you all for coming all the way to New Bedford and the thoughtful gifts! Azka loves his new toys and apparel very much 🙂


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