A Visit To Fire Station

My little boy has a huge crush to buses and trucks lately. – just like any other boys I guess. Before he only paid much attention to school bus (because of Raffi’s Wheels on The Bus’ song) and fire truck (Ulz song that Winda shared through YouTube). He kept repeating those two songs over and over agaaaaaiinn….

His two favorites words nowadays are “Bussss” and “Truuuckkk”, every time he hears the engine or honk or siren of either school bus, garbage truck, or fire truck he runs to the window to see what he hears.

I never bought him any trucks toys, but luckily he got some of these toys for free from Gifts to Give and the homeschooling program he’s into. The rest we got it from yard sale and thrift store. We started to collect many kinds of trucks now! 😀 *Ibu excited to digging the yard sale*

Lately any kind of vehicles that he sees on the road/ air/ water got his attention; cars, trucks, buses, trains, motorcycles, tractors, helicopter, boat, etc. So I have to make myself familiar with the type of these vehicles ( I just realized that for every each type of vehicle there are so many variants!). I borrowed him some books that we read religiously every day and night.

But amongst all the trucks, his favorite one still fire truck.Fire truck in here is so different from the ones in Indonesia. The condition of truck is always clean and polished. Every day we can hear the siren going through the streets…People keep them busy because 911 in here will connect: Fire station, Police station, and Ambulance. So even a little accident happens, those emergency vehicles will come to help you…!

Last Saturday we went to one fire station located in North End of New Bedford. Just want to take a closer look of the big fire engine and see what inside it. The firefighter on shift that day, named Kevin, was kind enough to took us for a short tour and explained about a little introduction of the firefighter tasks and fire trucks.

One of the question I asked the him was: “What if I’m about giving birth and panic, should I call 911?” , he answered “Yes!” and they will come with that BIG fire engine and make sure everything is okay with me – along with police and ambulance. Ck, ck,ck…. That’s why everyday the street is always busy with those sirens…

New Bedford Fire Department

I learned based on the short trip to the fire station, there are two general types of fire truck: fire engine the one with hoses (to pump the water and bring people for emergency purposes) and the one with ladder (the very big fire truck it is!!). The poles that usually used for sliding from second to the first floor is no longer been used because of the safety issue – Kevin said some firefighter got injured and had to rest for like a year to recovered from the injury.

Ladder Truck

In New Bedford, there’s actually a Fire Museum but it’s only open on Summer until early Fall. I (alone) visited the museum last year, the museum has a collection of old firefighting equipment and some old fire engines. Visitors can try on old uniforms and see complete archives & pictures about the fire station activities during 19th century.It is located in Old Station No. 4 at 51 Bedford St, New Bedford, MA 02740.

With The Firefighters (Kevin is far left)

Being a firefighter is one of the promising job in US. They “only work” 2 days per week (that is 24 hours full) and the salary is very good -they said. I have a neighbor that was in the middle of having his MBA course, and then he got accepted to be the firefighter…What he decided was stop his MBA and be a firefighter. Nah!

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