Death Cab For Cutie With The Magik*Magik Orchestra

Date: Saturday, April 21st 2012

Location: Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theater, Boston, MA.

Wang Theatre holds 3600 audience and boasts one of the five largest stages in the country.

07.15 PM | “How did you get the ticket to here?”, said the guy who sat next to me after 10 minutes sitting side by side with me without saying a word – we had quiet an awkward moment that time! I answered with doubt, “You meant for this ticket, in Row A?”, he nodded and replied “Yes, because the tickets has been sold out for like two months ago! And I got it last 2 weeks… with cheap price!”. I smiled and told him that I actually felt kind of curious when I paid the ticket through the Citi official Web, since it is very cheap (like, $49 for a FRONT row seat) and seems like too good to be true. I didn’t know what exactly going on, but I guess me, him, and some other folks just got very lucky to get Death Cab for Cutie ticket in such price for a very good sitting position (yes, it was a seated concert).

Can't stop admiring the ceilings and arts of this theater. Magnifico!

07.30 PM | The concert started very on time. “Low” was the opening act for that night. Good music but way too monotone… Boring for some particular reason. Sorry dudes..

Death Cab for Cutie Feat. Magik*Magik Orchestra

08.30 PM | Magik*Magik Orchestra entered the stage followed with Ben Gibbard, played the Passenger Seat. Hurraahh, the show finally began!

Ben Gibbard

09.50 PM Encore

Set List

10.30 PM Closing – Transatlanticsm


This is my first concert after Imogen Heap two years ago and my first concert experience in US. I didn’t know what the crowds will be…But here I found some very ANNOYING behavior from the crowds; please take a note that I’m probably too “old” or to “ibu-ibu” to watch concert, that’s why these things are really bothering me. But, seriously…..even this is a free country, at least you should know the unwritten rules how to behave appropriately in some situation:

1. Be on time. As you can see from the rundown above, the concert was very on time. It’s OK if you don’t want to watch the opening act, just come during the break time (took 15 minutes for set up), but PLEASE come on time, especially for seated concert like this where the ticket checker has to use a flashlight to show where your seating are. And not only that, if you happened to sit in the corner or middle seat, you would exactly disturb people who you passed (I’m sure you experienced this kind of thing while watching movie in cinema).

2. No flash. Should I emphasize more? Yes, please, NO FLASH! Geezz…. Use the highest ISO in your camera, I’m sure nowadays digicam has a smart solution so you can still captured a good picture even in a very low light situation.

3. Get connected with the music, not your gadget. I know you have thousands of followers on twitter, but do you need to tweet like every 5 minutes?! I always think people who “stay connected” all the time with their gadgets actually not connected with the real world. I even think they’re not really enjoying the concert if they keep themselves busy to “stay connected”. So put it down. And you know? the LEDs light coming from your smart phone is also very annoying.

4. Stay sober and Sit your ass. I know it may sound wrong. For band like Death Cab I didn’t expect to sitting down all the time. But, hey! Its a seated concert, appreciate the “rules” of sitting down. From what I had last night was….there were drunken couple who sat in “VVIP” (there were additional 6 rows in front of my seat). They keep standing and dancing (erotically!) even all the people were sitting down…………I FOUND it very annoying because they were exactly stood in front of my seat! Completely blocked my view to Ben for a while :I But didn’t want to let my negative mood towards this couple ruined my date with Death Cab, so I focused to other band’s members and the orchestra.

The Drunken Lady

Only these four things that bothering me last night, though there are many possibilities for people to fed you up during the concert. But again….don’t let these scumbag ruin your “quality time” with your favorite band. Just (try to) enjoy the show..!

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