Buttonwood Park

One of the luxurious thing to live in here -New Bedford to be precise or could be living abroad in general by any Indonesian people :p – is that the city has many parks that spread all over the city. All parks are well-maintained by the government – though there are some of little parks or playground at the housing complex that in worst condition because the “gangsta” or irresponsible citizen make it that way (the one near our house is one of the example of how the playground is being used as a place for people to get drunk, do drugs transactions, and pee in a children’s slide. Seriously).

Our favorite parks in New Bedford are: Buttonwood Park, Hazelwood Park (beach view in South End), and Fort Taber (Military museum complex). You can find the rest of the parks + beaches / parks+ playgrounds in here. If the weather warm enough to strolling around the park, we love going out to the parks…It is very calming just to hear the wind breeze, children laugh, watch sunset, staring at the clean blue sky, and enjoying the beach view.

On Summer time, I really recommend Hazelwood and Fort Taber….you probably want to spend all your day (or afternoon) lying on the grass or sand, reading a good book, absorbing vitamin Ds and get a tan. Or for healthier choices (like most people do here) doing yoga, jogging, do the kite flying, strolling around with your pets, or play in the playground with your kids.

Last Sunday we spent our afternoon at Buttonwood Park. Just lovely until the cold wind breeze and it’s time to say good bye…

Brave Azka say hello to "Mother Goose"
Usually we are forbidden to feed the geese and ducks, but...it's okay if there's no police park around- I guess.
Poor Puppy
Someone is very happy
Daily this is my task, but on weekend its Papa's 😀
Catch me if you can, Papa!


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