New Bedford Half-Marathon 2012

Today we attended New Bedford Half-Marathon – the annual 13.1 mile race held in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It was a perfect day to go out and warm enough for the runners to do the marathon with their “minim” costume 😉 Ara planned to participate for this event since last year, but he missed again this year because he completely forgot to register (when and where? We never seen such publication for this event which usually held after St.Patrick’s Day – this year fall on Saturday, March 17th 2012).

I myself planned to make my first short-movie for Vimeo Project, I anticipate myself, Ara and Azka that we have to be on time at the venue because the marathon will be starting at 11 AM SHARP. Then what happened was we came 3 minutes late plus we had to search for parking slot near downtown :I *I already imagined to have this shots of 3000 runners with their colorful attires and people cheering up at the background…

Oh well, while we were waiting for the runners to entered the finish line, we were strolling around to get bunch of Vitamin D (thanks Mr. Golden Sun!)  and make few shots…

St.Patrick's Pop
Tired Azka
In front of NB Main Public Library

The winner this year are Matt Pelletier (men’s winner at 1:06:30), and Hilary Dione (women’s winner at 1:19:07).

The Woman's Winner


The First Winner with Glasses x)
Greater Boston Participant

Hopefully next year Ara will make to do this half-marathon and get the grand prize….!! (kind of impossible, but let’s see, haha).


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