28 Weeks and Counting!

I can’t believe it’s March already. Within two months Azka will be 2 years old and in three months we will expecting (InsyaAllah) Nako 2 coming to this world….! Meaning double happiness and craziness (of course). Meanwhile I have to deal with my growing belly, yep…it’s started to showed up! Despite the fact that I love to see it’s getting bigger every time I see myself in the mirror, I started to find difficulties to sleep well lately: find good positions (left, right, left right), woke up in 3 AM and back to sleep around 4.30 AM, an urge too pee a lot! Etc… But I do really enjoy my full power now compare to the first horrible trimester. Haa!

#MarchWish: Hopefully everything is going well ’til the next 10 – 11 weeks…And I can have a gentle natural birth in here. Amin YRA.

Btw, last week me and Azka spent most of our days just staying at home…Because I’m not feeling well with cold and a little cough here and there. The weather been unfriendly for a couple of days, with a horrible strong wind (the back sound of the wind was pretty frightening). But on Friday afternoon we managed to go out and had fresh air a bit. It was such a lovely afternoon… Too bad when we go out the kids who’s been playing basketball and skateboard already went back to their home. Well yeah, it’s a little late to go out at 5.20 PM…

Warm and calm wind after 2 days in a row of strong wind in New Bedford

Oh! And today is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time in US and in the next two weeks Spring is coming…! I feel so grateful for the mild winter we have so far (it was only snowing 5 times since Dec- Feb) – Though sometimes the weather is just like a PMS woman (unpredictable!!), but finger-crossed for end of the winter soon! So we can go out without stuffy jackets!

Do you see LOVE?

Can’t wait for Spring! And of course, Summer with Nako 2 🙂

4 thoughts on “28 Weeks and Counting!

  1. Waaw I can see the bump with Nako 2 inside..hihihii..so excited! What if you share the same birthday with tante Dy, Nako2? huehehhee… Mungkin kan, Cha 😀

    miss u all,

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