DIY Haircutting and Save Some Bucks!

It is true what people said to me before I’m moving to US, they said “You’re going to enhance skills in many areas”; because everything related with service is so damn expensive, that way you want to do any possible thing by yourself – including to do a DIY haircut. I’m not talking about mine (though yes, I got my haircut by myself), I’m talking about Ara and Azka. For Azka, it’s easy-peachy since he’s so little and can’t complain if what I want to do is just trimmed all of his hair πŸ˜€ Different with Ara, he wanted some special haircut style, for example “Like Noel Gallagher, please” – dooohh

Now, if you do some simple math, man basically needs to trim their hair at least once a month – or once every two months (of course it’s a different story if they just want to grow their hair). A cheap haircuts for man will cost around $15 in here (small city of New Bedford), let’s say $20 incl. tax and tips. This way they will need to spend around $120- $240 per year for haircuts at barbershop!! Lots of money for hair huh? While in Indonesia usually Ara only pays Rp. 15000 for single visit, now he has to pay ten times for haircuts. No way, jose!

What people do, including us, is to ask for a friend to do the haircut and we “pay” them with meals πŸ˜€ But if me, as a wife, can done the task..why ask somebody else to do it? Hee. Simple investment is a Andis (that’s the brand) home clipper, that I bought for $24.77 (many are cheaper than this, but this one has a good 4 stars customer reviews. Though now I prefer “Wahl” that has more combs attachment for the clipper, that way you have more variations for the length of the hair).

And after watching this and this video from YouTube I’m ready to do my first trial…!!

Andis Home Clipper – The $25 investment

The first trial is not as simple as I thought it would be, so I just trimmed all of Ara’s hair (which made him not so content at that time, bahaha). The second and third trial, I started to get a “clue” of how to do the haircuts – though still not as perfect as I wanted to be; some of the cuts wasn’t even one to another, hehe. But it wasn’t that bad, what do you think? πŸ˜€

Before-After: The 2nd trial of DIY haircuts (mind his sleepyhead!)

So, do you want to give it a try?

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