Gigs and Concerts

Two things that I miss so badly from my ‘youth’ era are traveling and attending gigs/ concerts. The term gigs probably for the ones that held in smaller place -like pub, cafe, etc- and more intimate/ interactive between the musicians and the attendee, while concerts more likely to the bigger event like in stadium, park, or hall.

During my college years in Bandung, most of my weekends (and some weekdays) are dedicated to attend some Indie bands’ gigs, my favorite Bandung musicians for all time: Mocca, The Milo, Pure Saturday, The S.I.G.I.T, ….to name some. The rest are from Jakarta and happened to play in Bandung, like: Efek Rumah Kaca, White Shoes…, SORE, etc. I always had a great time watching their performance and attending live music could really give you a high endorphin supplies. Which is good for a stress Oceanography student like me 😀

While college era was full of gigs, my working era was full of concerts…! God bless Jakarta and Bandung concert-goers, because the past five years SO many great musicians from abroad came to have their live concert in there. Its not only mainstream bands/musicians, but also the Indie ones…Which is SUPER awesome! Thanks to the music promoter to make this happens. I envy you all in Jakarta, I do really envy but happy at the same time 🙂 Jakarta deserves to be included in great band’s live concert schedule. We have better crowds than in Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangkok. We are!

When I moved to United States, I couldn’t help myself but wondering myself going from one concert to another in easy peasy, it was always my dream anyway to live in abroad (read: Europe and US) so I can go to watch my favorite musicians in concerts or attend some big music festival (like many of my friends did!). But it was just my imagination, I forgot to include this consideration that: I have Azka now (I’m a mom!), the ticket price is surprisingly not CHEAP (most are more than $70 plus tax and transportations), and Ara is very strict about permitting me to go to concert; he hates concerts, he doesn’t like crowds, and basically he just hated the fact that in concert people are singing out loud -too loud that he (thinks he couldn’t) hear the voice of the band sing, drunk people, too liberal people, etc. So here I am, in US, I missed Smashing Pumpkins live in Providence (45 minutes from New Bedford), Weezer in Boston (1hr from New Bedford), Coldplay, YeahYeahYeahs, Florence and The Machine, and sooooooooo many of em in New York City (4 hours from here).

It’s a sadness to me, but in order to make me feel better…I take a look at some of my photo albums…And found that I attended many great concerts in the past – so I can feel a (little) grateful that I have such a wondrous time singing, dancing, and jumping along with my fav bands! I do really hope that I still have that chance to watch many many many great musicians in live. Probably not now, not next 2 years or 5 years….Probably next 20 years? Who knows? 😀 I’m thinking like this because I see my father – who is really passionate about music and has a good pairs of ears-, he can really satisfied himself by watching DVD of his favorite bands live in concert (he has like more than a hundred DVDs dedicated only for live music), but….I can really see that he’s now can watch Eric Clapton, Metallica, even Linkin Park, Incubus, music festivals, etc, because he has time, energy, money, and no babies :p Let’s HOPE for the best future. HURRAH!

Meanwhile…..Be grateful for this (in no particular order of years and satisfactory)

Phoebe Kildeer
With Nouvelle Vague's Phoebe Killdeer, Jkt, 2007
Coldplay, Singapore, 2009
Imogen Heap, Jakarta, March 2010 (I watched this while 7 months pregnant :D)
Mew in Java Rockin' Land 2009
Phoenix in Beatfest, Jakarta, 2009
Incubus World Tour 2008
Whitest Boys Alive, Jakarta, 2009
Bjork, Jakarta, 2008
Sondre Lerche (not captured by me), Jakarta, 2007
KoC (clearly not captured by me, LOL), Bdg, 2006

I think those of some memorable concerts to me, Not so many, but……………………………..I still (have to be) grateful 😀


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