Masjid Al-Ehsan

It took 6 months for me and Ara to found the nearest Masjid in our area which turned out only take 5 minutes away by car or 15 minutes by walk. Before, every Friday for Jumaa Prayer, Ara had to go to the main campus in Dartmouth (take bus and $10 back and forth), pfffhh. I don’t know why it had to be like that (I meant why Ara didn’t search it first in Islamic Finder about this Masjid), but thanks to Mas Imam (Mbak Umi’s husband) who visited us from Storrs, CT in one fine Friday in December and found the Masjid for us 😀

The Masjid itself located in 2 Cove Road, South Dartmouth, MA 02748, USA (South End area of New Bedford directly adjacent to the South Dartmouth) and open everyday for Isya Prayer and on Friday for Jumaa Prayer. Also other activities are: Lecture for Al-Qur’an every Sunday noon (for kids and adult) and Gathering (potluck) every second Sunday of the month. During Ramadhan, there’s Taraweh everyday and iftar together every Saturday (potluck).

We never come to the gathering (always wanted to come, but because one and another reason it always be a rain check), but I insist Ara that we have to come for the iftar together. I want to know about the Muslim people in the area, is there many of them? Since it is always nice to meet other Muslims in the country where Islam is a minor.

So, last week we went to the breakfasting at Masjid, and Subhanallah! There are many of them! Brothers and sisters, Seniors, Adults, and Youngsters are all there. Even they said it’s not all of them yet, in Eid Mubarak there are approximately 500 Muslims gathering in Days Inn Hotel New Bedford to do the Eid Prayer (the Masjid can only accomodate up to 169 people. MasyaAllah 🙂

I am very grateful that we decided to go there (finally) and meet our bros and sis, they were really nice to us, especially the sisters. Many are from Pakistan and Bangladesh, no South-East Asian except us 😛 But, but…one sister told me that there’s another Indonesian family, here in New Bedford. The will usually come on Eid’s. Hopefully we can meet them! (since we never seen any Indonesian around here).

Masjid Al Ehsan
Front View of the Masjid
Sisters: Ready for Iftar
Brothers; Iftar

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