Larry, Finally!

After 6 months struggling, debating, savings and searching for a car…Alhamdulillah we’re finally own our first car! Let me introduce you to him:

His name is Larry, he is a 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo. We found him through Craigslist South Coast, with the previous owner named Dana and Nathan (and their cute lil kiddo Ethan) . He actually already been with his THREE previous owners which I couldn’t track who, but I thank whomever owned him before because they really did a good job and maintenance to him. His mileage when we bought was 142k, which a little bit A LOT of miles…But considering the car had a 78 out of 100 rating in Kelly Blue Book and good market value in Edmunds, in the name of God (Bismillahirrahmanirrahim), we bought the car!

This car is exactly the car that we’ve been looking for since the first time we discussed to buy a car. Its an SUV which is perfect for family and its an 4 wheel-drive which is perfect for a place like New England on WINTER (the SNOW, oh yeah). Some cons is probably the fuel which is not too economical, but considering we will only use this car only in the weekends (or weekday in short distance places), we think it is okay.

We really hope this car will be accompanying for the next 4 years and become part of our little family story. We do surely will take a good care of you, Larry!

Meanwhile, take a look at him, ain’t he charming? 😀 (he hasn’t take a bath yet, we were unable to drive it since last Friday we bought because we haven’t registered him yet. Hopefully today Papa Ara will be done doing all the paperworks!)



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