A Special Visit

On May 2011, Bapak and Mamah aka Akiya and Eni came along the way from Indonesia to visit us in New Bedford!  Their main purpose is actually to celebrate Azka’s first birthday and their bdays together: Akiya May 3rd, Azka May 7th, Eni May 10th. Here are some highlighted day by day while they were here (April 30 2011 –  May 29 2011):

Day 0 - Picked up Akiya-Eni at Logan

Day 1 picture is not available. Too jetlaged to had a pic 😀

Day 2 - Azka got a hair cut by Eni
Day 2 - Whaling Museum
Day 3 - Market Basket for Groceries
Day 4 - Shopping at Dartmouth Mall
Day 5 - Post Office Downtown
Day 6 - Making Cup Cakes for Azka'S Bday
Day 7 - Azka's Bday at Buttonwood Zoo
Day 8 - Tumpengan Azka
Day 8 - Fort Taber
Day 10 - Spicy Lime Thai Cuisine (Eni's Bday)
Day 11- New Bedford State Pier
Day 12 - Zeiterion Performing Arts Center (concert rehearsal) AHA! Night
Day 13 - UMASS Dartmouth Campus
Day 15 - Around the Neighborhood (East French Rodney)
Day 16 - DM Mall and TJMaxx
Day 18 - Boston (MoS, Duck Tour, MIT, Quincy Market)
Day 19 - NYC (Times Sq, Uptown, Downtown, Rockefeller)
Day 20 - NYC, Statue of Liberty
Day 22 - WDC, Capitol and National Mall.
Day 23 - WDC, Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam/Korean War, Arlington Cemetery
Day 24- Back to New Bedford (Exhausted..at South Station Boston)
Day 26 - Strolling around Hazelwood Park

Akiya and Eni back to Indonesia supposed to be on Friday May 27th, 2011 on 12.25 PM, but there was a technical problem with the airplane that they had to cancel the trip until Sunday May 29th 2011. So on Friday, Papa Ara went back and forth 2 times to Boston…Exhausting day. Bu we’re happy that Akiya and Eni stayed a little bit longer 🙂

Thank you for the visit and trip Akiya and Eni. We missed you both already!


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