BG Era

It was 1995 (or somewhere around middle 90-ish), when four of us made a gang called BG. It’s a tribute to babi as our most favorite animal (imagine cute little piggy not the disgusting one). They are cousins from their mothers side.

Our most favorite time was during the school holidays, those full week of vacation. Either in spent our time in Anyer or just sleepover at Vita and Imee’s place in Iskandarsyah and Panglima Polim, Jakarta Selatan.

Our most favorite activities are watching over and over again The Sandlot, Empire Records, Strikes.

Our most favorite bands were Code Red, Backstreet Boys, and….Blur (See how different the genre was?!).

We yelled ‘BG One!!’, ‘BG two!!’……’BG Four!’, before we slept. We created stories to be somebody’s from the Sandlot girlfriend. We sang BSB songs cheerily and foolishly. We took a bath together. We made Indomie at midnight. We laughed out loud. We hated each other. We loved each other more.

They are a Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, and Gemini.

They are a Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, and Drummer.

They are Chica, Vita, Imee, and Ria.

They are Cavalera, Pinto, Green, and Cantona.

Us (Ramadhan 2008)

Those girls are no longer girls. One is a mother of a 11 months old baby. One is about to get married in the next 5 hours.  One is about to make her relationship to the higher level with her 5 years in a relationship boy friend. One is looking for real love.

I’m happy for our memories as a child and having them as my best companion.

Love you girls.

Ps: Happy Wedding Cantona, I wish you a great journey ahead!

RiaFeds Wedding
Newly Wed!

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