Baby Swimming

Azka first swimming experience was back in Bandung when he was 4 months old. And it happened in the bath tub. When we moved to USA, the chilly weather discouraged me to go to the swimming pool and I wasn’t sure either that there was a near swimming pool in our area.

Apparently I was wrong. There is a nice and comfy swimming pool for family in downtown New Bedford, it’s in YMCA:

New Bedford YMCA
25 South Water Street
New Bedford, MA  02740
Tel:  508-997-0734
Fax:  508-991-7371

Or if you’re living in south coast of Massachusetts, YMCA also available in Dartmouth, Mattapoisett, and Fall River. For more info, click their web:


I got and idea for joining this class because Winda wanted to put Bhumi to the class in Copenhagen. I wasn’t very much sure that they have a baby swimming class in New Bedford. So when I googled and found the link to YMCA, I’m so happy that they have a class for baby swimming (for 6-12 months and > 13 months) during this Spring 2011. The fee is $76 for non member and $4o for member. Seven meetings, once in a week, and 30 minutes per session.

We took a Saturday class from 11-30 AM til 12 PM, there are many babies in there and all so super cute! 😀 At the first time, Azka seemed very happy with the class but the second and third meeting he was very upset I don’t know why x( Just crying from the beginning until the class ended! Argh.

The class itself wasn’t run as what I expected it to be. I thought there will be baby floating by himself on the water, or babies are diving, etc. Hehe. The class is simply just introducing the ‘water’ to the baby and practicing baby legs so it will keep moving while they’re in the water. The first 10 minutes of the class is sing a long with ‘Wheels on the bus go round and round’, ‘Humpty Dumpty’, and ‘Old Mc Donald has a Pool’ songs, another 10 minutes the babies practicing to swimming forward, from their back, and ‘jump’ (the baby will push their self to front).

Here are some pictures from the class:

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