Georgia invited us and SMAST-ers to ‘Dumplings Party’ at her place. Usually, me and Ara had to refuse the invitation if the time is at night. We always consider Azka for this, because after the dinner they usually continue to do some party with loud music. This, what me and Ara tried to avoid. But this time…we gave it a shot! And it was fine… ! Though Azka found a little difficult time for him to get sleep (it was already 11 PM) and the music get louder and louder (funny music for dancing, like ‘macarena’, haha), but it was a fun night! I am glad we came.

I met some new people and they all are nice. Being amongst the international students, I felt better…Maybe because all of us is far away from our family, then we kinda feel close to each other 🙂 I remember there was only one American at the party, and he left early 😀

Funny thing, because we ARE international students with many backgrounds and beliefs, it was kinda difficult to make one kind of dumplings. Some of us didn’t eat meat (the Hinduism – India), some didn’t eat pork (Muslim), and some even don’t eat meat, chicken, and pork (vegetarian, of course!). So….we decided to made ONLY two kinds: with chicken and only vegetables. And that was work really well for all of us 🙂

One thing I regret was that I didn’t have a chance to make the dumplings, huhu. But maybe, someday I will try. At least I know how to do it from here.

Dumplings Party



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