NYC and WDC Vacation

Ibu and Azka went to NYC and WDC to visit Tewin and Tedi. Papa couldn’t join us because he’s been busy with his presentation. The trip was very exhausting, both for me and Azka. Also for Tedi who came along from Hongkong (direct flight), so she was having a tremendous jet-lag and Tt.Win who also had a four hour journey from Washington. We are all gather in NYC and spent two nights in Double Tree Hotel in Lexington Ave. The room was very small….for the four of us. But it was a nice hotel though.

This was the itinerary:

29 Jan 2011. 7 AM. New Bedford – Boston, by Dattco bus from SRTA New Bedford. $13.

29 Jan 2011. 8. 30 AM. Boston (south station) – NYC (chinatown), by Fung Wah bus. $15. It’s a good deal actually, even tough the bus is smelly.

31 Jan 2011. 2 PM.  NYC – WDC, by Access Limousine bus. $25. A nice bus operated by Jewish.

3 Feb 2011. 7.25 AM. WDC (Union Station) – Boston (South Station), by Amtrak. $93. An 8 hour trip by train…..what can I say, yes it was comfortable enough for us.


I gotta say that this might be the last time I want to do traveling without Ara. Traveling with baby is so much fun IF there’re at least two people who can be cooperate well with the baby…Otherwise, you’re gonna stuck with the baby and find a difficult time for your self (eat, pray, take a shower, even take a pee and poop!). I couldn’t blame this to Azka, I understand that for his age (8.5vmonths by that time), he’s so much attached to his parents (or those who closed well with him) and hate ‘strangers’. So, next time….we’re going for a vacation with Papa, ok Zka? 🙂

Another note, for a baby that already eat solid foods, maybe it’s better for you to prepare the foods from home. I actually made some cheese cookies and fresh veggies for Azka, but it’s not longer fresh as the day goes by. I found it difficult to feed him, because I didn’t want to ruin his diet with some ‘junk food’. I didn’t want to feed him with commercial baby jar foods also….and this caused a bad constipation to him. He didn’t take a poop for 4 days! And caused him even difficult to handle (he cried a lot, maybe his stomach is uncomfy. hiks).

During the traveling, I’ve been very helped with breastfeeding! Doing the breastfeeding is minimize the bulk and rush for preparing bottles, milk, warm water, etc. I even breastfed Azka in Subway! 😀 I’m not ashamed for what I did, I’m proud to gave my son what he deserved best. So, screw you…those who told me to switch into formula! xp


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