Panera Bread

Saturday is a perfect day to explore our city abundant of department stores  in New Bedford (and Dartmouth). We usually wasting our time for a window shopping in Dartmouth Mall and end up buying some clearance sale items from Old Navy, Sears, JC Penny and Macy’s. After (window) shopping, we usually eat this big size pizza that taste so-so at the food court inside the mall. But today, I remember that there’s a cafe outside the mall and always full with people (which I realized the presence by passing it every time the bus took us back to the terminal). I’m not sure what exactly the resto name is, but I recall something with ‘Bread’ on it. At first, Ara wasn’t really sure that the menu price is affordable for us (you know, student budget, haa!) , but I insisted him to give it a try since we have allocated some budget every month to try a good restaurant in the city. So there we go…

The restaurant’s name is Panera Bread and by the time we got there, it was full of people (as expected – good resto is always full with people in it rite?). The ambiance of the restaurant is so cozy, it has two section: Bakery and Cafe. We chose the cafe since we want  to take a lunch there. After seeing the menus on the board, we decided to take a ‘two menu’, where we can choose 2 items of:  sandwich, soup, and salad (the portion could be 1/2 and 1) for 6 t0 9 USD (varies price based on the menu: ‘Signature’ and ‘Cafe’). Don’t have any idea what to eat, I asked the waitress to choose the menu for us. Then she suggested me to try a Fortega Chicken Panini with Bread and for the soup I randomly chose French Onion Bread Soup, and a freshly brewed coffee for the drink. It was all cost us 11.5 USD…which is OK! (our budget actually 10-15 USD :D).

Overall we’re really satisfied with the taste of the foods, the nutrition on it (yea, much much healthier that American junk foods!) , the restaurant’s ambiance (the music, decor, non smoking area), the people on it (waitress and customers). We’re definitely will going back there!

Here’s more likely what our panini looked like:

Fortega Chicken Panini

Looking great, eh? 🙂

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