Skype Date

I just had a Skype video call with my cousin from Akbar family, Putri Suci Ramadhany. She is by far the closest cousin from the Akbars as I spent most of my childhood with the Hawadis ones. We have an unique relationship because we both has a similar life path; apart from the fact that she is always be a smarter and religious one.

Some facts:

  • Both of us born as the second child in our family and sandwiched by our big and little brother. Being the only girl in my family (only for six years, before Ozu born), made me become a tomboy girl. As for Putri, she grew up like a lady, treated very well with her siblings.
  • Both of us entered elementary school one year faster than the other children normally do that makes us always be (one of)  the youngest amongst our peer.
  • Both of us went to Bandung for college; me in ITB and she was in UNPAD. During our time in Bandung, we rarely met up because both of was busy with our college life. But once, we met up in Masjid Salman and had a small discussion about marriage with her Ustadz 😀 (yes, she’s that religious!).
  • Both of us had a long distance relationship with our boyfriends before they’re being our husbands.  While Ara in Germany, Mahdi in Australia.
  • Both of us had only two weeks apart from our date of married. She’s on June 2009 and me on July 2009.
  • Both of us had only two weeks apart from our pregnancy weeks. Me two weeks earlier than her.
  • Our first child born in one month gap. We also had a pregnancy gymnastic together while we were in our 7 months of pregnancy.
  • And now, both of us live in other country, being a mother and housewife. Me in USA and she is in Australia 🙂
  • Err….I think that’s some of the facts that I can remember 😀

    Putri and Baby Shofiya

Though we had only 10 minutes chat, but I am happy to see her and baby Shofiya looking great and healthy!

I thank Skype for making a free and good quality long distance call from PC to PC. A 16950.5 Kilometers distance from New Bedford, USA to Melbourne, Australia feels like just one block away.


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