Indonesian Scientist Association

My husband once lived in a small city in northern Germany called Kiel.  He had a discussion with some of his Indonesian friends to make an organization of Indonesian scientists that spreading out in many countries -that soon being called as ‘Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia’ or International Indonesian Scientist Association (14).

He actually just attend one of the meeting in Berlin, but two years after the meeting, some of the scientists from 14 gathered in Jakarta and being guests in Kick Andy show. Thanks to Achmad Adhitya (the general secretary), I’ve only known him from my husband stories, but I really appreciate him for making this organization. Great job Dit! 🙂

Check out the interview, as an Indonesian I couldn’t be more proud of having those intellectual minds and there’s still a hope to make Indonesia as ‘ Negara yang Besar’. I am optimistic.

*Anyway, that Muhammad Reza guy is SOOOOOO typical of ITB graduated! Very snob, no wonder why there was none of those 50 companies wanted to accept him, how can you possibly work with someone who is very self-centered like him? haha (no offense Reza and no offense ITB graduated :P)


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