A Pessimist

I like to read the ‘about me’ part in somebody’s social networking account. I find it interesting! The one I pay attention to is in twitter account. Here are my favorite ones:

  1. @insulinde Insulinde We decide to jump out of reality: married on December 2009, and start to travel around quarter-part of the globe. Would you join us and be a dreamer?
  2. @cokiboy  Coki Wicaksono: A simple man trying to make my way in the universe. And I named my son after the most notorious intergalactic bounty hunter.
  3. @ifanismail  Ifan Ismail :
    a co-star in every romantic comedy; a happy jester in every action flick; a villain in his own autobiography

But I kind of hold my breath and feel bad about myself for being a sister when I read my little brother (who is no longer little I think, he’s  going to be 16 years old this month!) about me:

@AliAraafi4593 Ali Araafi Akbar:  Pessimist, envious person who doesn’t know where to go in life

Gosh, knowing him since he was born and remember him during his childhood, I couldn’t believe that he turns to be a pessimist person. This made me flashback to 10 years ago:  I remember that my brother used to be a VERY cute and super smart kid during his elementary school years. He likes dinosaurs, he loves watching my father Yellow Submarine VCD every single night before he went to bed, he watched a lot of cartoon on TV -that makes his English very much fluent than the rest of his siblings, he created some of his own jokes – some was very funny! too bad I couldn’t remember any :(-, he made up some mini stories about a fairy tale in English -a good one!- He spent most of his time reading an Indonesia-English Dictionary, and as time goes by he became addicted to his PlayStation console and manga…And he became really quiet at some point which I couldn’t sure what the trigger is.

Reading that words make me feel guilty, that as a sister I do not know my brother at all or even worst, I don’t know what to do to make him feel better and can change that words into:

An optimist, grateful person who knows exactly where to go in life

I wish I can make him to be that kind of person. But the thing is, I think I have to help myself first, since I also not sure where to go and what I want myself to be. Blah! #curcol

Ali with his best friend and partner in crime, Gladyzka.

However, I really hope that the words is nothing serious. I hope Ali lives a great life. The last time I heard for my mom, he is in the top five rank in his class, so I assume he’s doing great at school? 🙂

I love you Ali Araafi Akbar. Peluk cium!


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