Post It

Today I received a package from USPS. I got puzzled, since I didn’t order anything from eBay lately (err…I did actually, but it is a BIG package of 204 pampers ) and I bet it’s not my Amazon order, because the name written on the label is ‘Ceniza Sapphira Hakim’ instead of ‘Puti Ceniza Akbar’ (my Amazon user name).  Oh well, I just opened it though! And I got surprised for what inside the package:


Whoaaa…! A Kate Spade bag? From who? It has to be very expensive (yes it does, it worth 345 USD).  After thought of possible senders (could it from my auntie who lives in Washington? or from Ara -as if he wants to surprise me, bahaha-),  I search the sender name in eBay and couldn’t find the name. Hmm…wait a minute, there’re only several people who know my address in USA, so I guess it might be Ardha (my brother) as he’s an eBaymaniacshopper :p Yes, it should be him! But how come he didn’t tell me that he was sending any item to my house?

Later in the afternoon when we’re  going to shop for grocery with Philippe and Juliana, we had a conversation about how our relatives back in our country (Indonesia and Brazil) being crazy about asking us to buy this and that items and send it all the way to our house (apartment)! So many packages keep coming to our place, sometimes they didn’t even tell us that they’re sending something! (like this Kate Spade case).

Well, yeah…Ever since I lived in USA, I have received many messages from my friends asking my address so they can send their stuffs from eBay to my place and ask me to post it later on, after they shopped many (to cut the shipping fee). Here are some of the items that had been shipped to my place then to Indonesia:

  • Men and children sneakers
  • Skateboard trucks
  • Pants and shirts
  • Headphone
  • Bras (yes, bra!)
  • Crocs
  • Perfume
  • Mascara

And some items that my friends asked me to buy for them: an Ipad, an Iphone, a second hand Ipod 3G, eye shadow kit, etc…I actually don’t mind to do this favor, because my job is only to put all those packages in one big box then send it to post office. But the ‘homework’ is to bring the big box to the post office by bus, which is not nice since it’s heavy and some windy and snowy days are very tough for us to go. Ara doesn’t like it. But, well, I just want to be nice to people :p

The only thing I hate about those packages is those full empty boxes… fulfilling our house. Phew.

Empty Boxes

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