Popular Names

In 2009-2010, some of my friends (and me)  gave birth to our first child (some already the second child). Some names appear to be very popular, they are similar but have different spelling:

  • Name with ‘K’ and ‘L or R’ : Khansa (Rime-Ayi), Kiera (Subki-Iqa), Kalya (Rieka-Catur), Kayla (Ghosa-Diana), Kayra (Oq- Biqies), Kala (Krishna-Nita), Laika (Opiq-Tania), Keiko (Mas Ben’s and Wulan’s)
  • Name with ‘A’ and ‘K’:  Arkana (Shafiq-Milly), Arkin (Ratie- Anky), Arka (Asti- Salman), Azka (ours)

Also check out the full name:

  • Malayeka Azkayra Fateema Nurariendra
  • Mikayla Sevgi Mizanova
  • Mikala Rasendriya Veda
  • Malik Atharfa Bhumi
  • Ahsan Zia Satriawinandi
  • Kaiser Azeem Winnandiz
  • Qaiser Ikraam

As for me and my husband, the criteria of our son was based on this:

  1. Easy to spell and won’t be very difficult to be pronounced in other language
  2. Have a great message and pray
  3. Oceanique name (a tribute to Oceanography as our major in Bachelor :p)
  4. Not so ‘pasaran’

There, we proudly named our son: Malik Azka Sagara Hakim and the bonus, he has a cool shorten name ‘M.A.S.H’! Haha. *though when I looked up at the urbandictionary I’m not very happy with it, huhu. Then it turns out to be very pasaran! Every time we went to the hospital for Azka’s immunization, we were always meet with another ‘Azka’. Hah! And some even a baby GIRL, boo….

Other funny story, Ara’s high school friend (SMU 5 Bandung): Bayu and Zahra has two kids, the first one named Malik and the second one named Mikala Azka, and Zahra was born on May 7th (same with MASH!). What a coincidence! We have a somewhat family relative-sy 🙂

How about you, do you have any preference name for your upcoming baby?


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