Hello world!

Hello there!

Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

As one of my so-called-new-year resolution, I, Puti Ceniza Sapphira, promise my self to dedicate at least 1 hour per day to post write something in my blog. And because I don’t have a special subject to write (I have actually, but I’m too LAZY to think and write it down), yet I always have special people in my heart. So the idea came up to make this blog.

Alas, I dedicate this blog whole heartedly for my little family, parents, siblings, big family, friends, relatives, idol, acquaintances, strangers, frenemies and anyone of you who made me ME. I made this because I suddenly miss all of you in Indonesia and just in case one day I have an amnesia, comma or having a memory lost, at least I have this blog so I can refresh my memory about me and you!

So, well, yeah…Enjoy!


In case I have amnesia, I don’t have to do this

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